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Jammu's Vikas Dogra all set to exhibit his art collection in Mumbai

Artists transform our vision related to nature and its surroundings. And sculptors are creative visual artists who transform materials by giving them different shapes and meanings. The sculptors work with stone, wood, metal, ceramics etc. to bring to life visual arts that operates in all three dimensions. In olden days, people used the word "Sculpture" to define big pieces of art including monuments. In Indian subcontinent, the first known sculpture was found in Mohenjo-Daro and Harappan sites. One can easily count of fingertips some famous sculptures namely Ashoka Pillar from Bihar, Dancing girl of Mohenjo Daro, Buddha from Sarnath, Rock-cut temples at Ellora, Khajuraho Temple, Marble Sculpture of female yakshi in typical curving pose, Rajasthan etc.

Vikas Dogra, a sculpture artist from Jammu had keen interest in arts since childhood. He used to collect random broken things from surroundings and transform them into something artistic and beautiful. Understand his inclination towards different shapes, forms and colors; he opted for Bachelors in Fine Arts from Jammu University. 

He was mentored well by his professors which encouraged him to pursue his Master of Fine Art in Sculpture at Santiniketan. Following his formal education in Arts, he worked in Mumbai for around ten long years.

When asked about the nature and inspiration of his artwork, he said, “I have always had to create something closer to icons, nature and mythology. The shrines, temples, shells, trees and all things under the sky inspire me. I believe art should be an offering to the almighty so it needs to be pure and a step closer to nature."

He also told that he cannot restrict himself to one particular material for creating art. Hence, he experiments with paper, stone, wood, metal etc. He believes in using different textures and shapes to bring a new experience for viewers for revving up their interest and involvement.

His long list of achievements includes several exhibitions:

·        Artist under the Great Sky in 2016

·        Srijan, a group show at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai in 2014

·        Painting show at Inter-Continenta in 2000

·        Jewellery Show at OFAAB, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

·        The Concern Group Show at Rabindra Bhawan

·        A Passage, group show at Artist Centre, Mumbai 2003

·        Connect, a group show of paintings and sculptures at Kitab Mahal Gallery

In 2020, Vikas Dogra is coming up with a new Group Show titled “Eternal Bliss” to be showcased at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai from 19th February to 24th February. The art show curated by Vikas Dogra and co-curated by Sanghpal Chawhan will be inaugurated by Prakash Jha, renowned director, actor, writer, producer and philanthropist. Five other artists will also be showcasing their work at Eternal Bliss.


Sanghpal Chawhan, Venu Madhav Vodnala from Hyderabad, Neena Bidikar from Mumbai and Amit Singh Slathia and Brij Pal Anand from Jammu.

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Hardeep Bali