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Beauty with brains and a tinge of humor, Rippy Koul packs bags for Bollywood debut

Comedy is no longer a boys club, and it's time to give the spotlight to the deserving women. It is difficult to find comedians worth your time and attention but the daughter of the soil, engineer by profession and a comedian by heart, Rippy Koul has proved herself over and again. She’s reclaiming the male-exclusive art form and molding it to reach out to society as a whole.

The young and talented woman hails from Jammu and Kashmir and has done her schooling from Jammu only. Later, she moved to Mumbai and did her engineering from Thadomal Shahani Engineering College. Being stunning and her beautiful green eyes with a chestnut star-burst fetched her many offers during college life but she refused to jump on the bandwagon because she had to complete her studies.

Later, she moved to United States and did her Master's degree from Florida International University in Management Information Systems. After that, she worked as a Business Process Management Consultant at Larkin Community Hospital. Her professional experiences got her the much sought after job profile of Senior Consultant at McKinsey but the destiny had something else in store for her.

The change in the culture and environment played its part and the whip-smart humor helped this totally hilarious woman, Rippy Koul to finally start her YouTube Channel in May 2017. She began creating YouTube videos in Hindi which would include the imitations of Kashmiri language and culture. This new type of comedy which was tailored to suit a particular set of individuals was liked and appreciated by one and all. The reigning comedy queen’s videos received immense love and support from the viewers across her native state and around.

Bringing smiles to many a faces with her videos, the US-based You Tuber Rippy Koul says she always wanted to be an entertainer and make people laugh. She has around 3.1k subscribers with 226,879 views on her YouTube channel. In order to make people laugh their heart out, she plays different avatars with unique body language and different way of talking. Her acting stuns viewers and at a time when so many aspiring models harbors dreams of working in Bollywood, she has been offered two big projects.

Rippy Koul will be making her Bollywood debut as a lead actress in two big films produced by Atlantic Productions. One of the films, “Kashmir: the final resolution” will be shot in Kashmir valley whereas the other film is based on plane hijack which will be in English.

Now, there is no looking back for this extremely gorgeous and talented You Tuber who has many hearts with her subtle nuances and characters. The overwhelming response from the viewers changed her destiny.

Rippy Koul still shuttles between India and United States but compared to days of yore, this time, she has a vast sea of opportunities and a great number of people to work with. She has a major fan base across Jammu and Kashmir.

Rippy Koul is doing her job in full gusto for preserving mother tongue and keeping Kashmiri culture, custom and tradition alive. In January this year, renowned actor, poet and anchor, Kanwal Peshin organized  ‘Athrot', a comedy show and cultural programme ‘Assav te Lassav' at Sanskriti Bhawan, Roop Nagar, Jammu in which, she was honored with “Miss Comedian 2017”.  She believes it’s the love for her mother tongue and sense of belongingness that lure her to come all the way from USA to India and work on different projects.

Her family and friends have been her biggest supporters but above that, she thinks, it’s her “Will-power” which keeps her going and achieves whatever she desires.

In a message for our readers, Rippy Koul suggested all youngsters to follow their heart and don’t ever give up and if you ever feel like giving up, remind yourself that if you have come this far, what’s stopping you from achieving new heights. Because, at last what matters is your happiness so you must work towards it.


We wish her good luck for the future and for our readers, kindly stream through her YouTube channel and have a good laugh.

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Hardeep Bali