Ikkjut Jammu gives call of ‘Chalo Rasana’

JAMMU: Ikkjut Jammu chairman, Advocate Ankur Sharma Friday gave the call of ‘Chalo Rasana' on January 19 and urged the people to participate in this nation-making movement and defeat the enemies who are working overtime to dismember India and undermine Indian civilization, Indian culture and Indian ethos.

Addressing a press conference here, Advocate Ankur Sharma said that thousands of people would reach Rasana on Sunday morning to participate in the Bhandara and other religious ceremonies and it would be only desirable if they make the event historic through a resolution that the people of Jammu province are committed to the national cause and their own cause and that they would always be in the forefront of any struggle that is aimed at defeating the enemies wherever they are, whosoever they are and howsoever powerful they are.

Sharma said that the 2018 conspiracy hatched by the enemies of the nation in January 2018 to defame the Hindus of Jammu and cause migration of Hindu population from the strategically located Rasana village but it led to the fall of all those in June 2019 who had hatched the sinister conspiracy to defame the Hindus of Jammu province in general and Kathua in particular and desecrate our Holy Shrine of Baba Kaliveer.

He expressed hope that the nationalist people will make the January 19 event at Rasana a memorable event.


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