Google Doodle celebrates New Year Eve with Fireworks

NEW DELHI: Google on Tuesday came up with a creative doodle that celebrated the new year eve with multi-colour fireworks.

The special doodle showed "Froggy - the weather frog" and a bird wearing celebratory caps, observing multi-colour fireworks - a mark of celebration.

The fireworks are a traditional way of welcoming the new year in many parts of the world.

The doodle showed fireworks in five different colours - blue, red, yellow, pink and green.

Google has been coming up with creative new doodles to mark the special occasions that start from the day of Christmas.

On December 25, Google came up with festive-themed doodle, continuing a long tradition of spreading the cheer at this time of the year.

The Google logo, to celebrate the occasion of Christmas, was wrapped around with colourful blinking lights and the decoration balls form the double 'O' in the word 'Google'.

With that, Google had also introduced a live Santa tracker on its homepage that allowed users to track the gifts they sent to their loved ones.


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