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JSS Kathua celebrates Christmas

KATHUA: Jammu Sanskriti School Kathua organised a Christmas celebration in Sunrise Public School Jammu which is a Missionary Education Center and works in collaboration with Smile Foundation.

It is committed to providing basic education and healthcare to underprivileged children. Students of Jammu Sanskriti School Kathua along with Neena (ISA Incharge) and Nidhi were taken to this institution in Jammu to spend quality time with the little children, making merry with Christmas carols and small games, especially the arrival of Santa made the children ecstatic. Santa (Students of Jammu Sanskriti School Kathua dressed as Santa) distributed chocolates, toffees, biscuits, juices to all the kids and made their day filled with fun and happiness.

Students of Jammu Sanskriti School Kathua gathered all the donation in cash and kind and gifted notebooks, pens, pencils, colors, socks etc to these unprivileged children from their pocket money to spark joy and gaiety in their lives and further still to spread humanity. They shared a bond of love and compassion with these children and distributed all these things amongst each of them.

Towards the end of the day came a realisation that humanness is just not about giving away gifts and stuff but it's a scintillating and heavenly thought which enlightens the oak of being human inside us. Everyone, including the students went home preserving a vivid vision towards life as a human and setting the difference.

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