Indian Army wargame 'Sindhu Sudarshan' showcases its deep strike capabilities

BARMER: The Strike Corps of the Indian Army began exercise 'Sindhu Sudarshan' in Barmer on Saturday. As many as 40,000 jawans are taking part in the exercise.

A statement from the Indian Army said, "The Strike Corps of Southern Army is conducting exercise 'Sindhu Sudarshan' in the open deserts of Rajasthan to hone their combat skills for executing a swift, intense and deep strike in deserts and semi-developed terrain."

"Approximately 40,000 troops, 700 'A' Vehicles and 300 Guns of Sudarshan Chakra Corps of Southern Command are undertaking a massive exercise in the deserts of Rajasthan showcasing their ability to undertake large scale offensive manoeuvres as part of an integrated air-land battle. The synergy of information and technology to attain battlefield transparency and situational awareness along with numerous other force multipliers are being exploited during the exercise," the statement said.

It further said, "In this exercise, the newly inducted armed helicopter Rudra, equipped with electro-optical pods, helmet-mounted sights and night vision goggles is being integrated with the manoeuvres of the mechanised formations.

The recently inducted 155 mm K9Vajra endowed with rapid mobility, quick deployment and high rates of accurate fire is also being op validated by integrating it with the operational manoeuvres of other mechanized elements."

The various battle groups participating in the ongoing exercise have undergone extensive training for the past two months to validate their operational plans.

"The operational readiness showcased by the mechanised battle groups of the Sudarshan Chakra Corps in a network-enabled environment using multiple, state of the art force multipliers, has reaffirmed the tremendous asymmetry enjoyed by the Indian Army in Southern theater over its adversary," the statement added.


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