Airline passenger wears multiple layer of clothes to avoid extra baggage fee

NEW DELHI: An airline passenger went the extra mile to avoid paying the hefty excess baggage charges by wearing multiple layers of clothes.

Gel Rodriguez, from The Philippines, wore around 2.5 kgs of clothes to avoid paying the extra baggage fee after her luggage exceeded the maximum weight of seven kilos.

According to her Facebook post, the passenger was informed by the airline staff that her check-in luggage was nine kilos and she was liable to pay the extra weight fee. But Rodriguez was quick to come up with a ‘life hack' which helped her save some money. By wearing multiple layers of clothes, she transformed her baggage weight from 9 kilos to 6.5.

According to Daily Mail, Rodriguez decided to not pay the extra baggage fee because her luggage exceeded just two kilos. She also said that she will never attempt to layer up again as it was too hot.

Rodriguez had shared a picture of herself on Facebook, which showed her in multiple layers of clothes. The picture soon went viral and the passenger said that she never thought the post would gain such traction on social media.




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