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JU organises Interactive event

JAMMU: An Interactive-cum-Demonstrative event was organized at Institute of Music & Fine Arts (IMFA), University of Jammu.

Enit Maria from Peru (South America), Srinivas Mangipudi from Andhra Pradesh and Madhavan Pillai from Tamil Nadu were the experts from the team ‘Portrait of Nation' who exchanged their views with the faculty and students of Fine Arts Department of the Institute and enumerated their experiences while travelling and interacting with people of different fields of life under their project ‘Portrait of a Nation'.

Senior artists and faculty members Jang S. Verman, Kamlesh Gandhi, Rakesh Sharma, Rohit Verma, Dr. Milan Sharma, Jasleen Singh, Rachita Sharma and others were present in the programme.

Prof. Satnam Kaur, Principal of the Institute welcomed the artists, faculty members and students of Fine Arts Department of IMFA for being a part of such noble event.

She said that the collaborative spirit with which the team is working and coming across the communities throughout the country by generating self supported resources. She said that the collaborative efforts can develop the sense of sharing and keep the selfish motifs away from the society which is the need of the hour.

While interacting with the students, faculty members and intellectuals, the team of ‘Portrait of Nation', the team members shared their experiences of travelling from Kanya Kumari to Kargil (Ladakh) and interacting with all sections of communities ranging from members of orphanage, homes of destitute, commoners in rural as well as urban areas, children adults and old people.

They conducted various creative and productive collaborative activities like collaborative paintings.

Their view in this regard is, that by doing collaborative work, people develop a sense of sharing and togetherness. The opined that all the people when dealt individually are fine identities but they lose it when behave on groups or under mob behavior.

The intricate barriers of caste, creed, class and intellectual differences are washed away automatically when the work collaboratively. This helps people develop self- confidence and understanding others and progress in an easier way.

In the later session of collaborative practice, the students of Painting, Applied Art and Sculpture of all classes were given material create collaborative art work with the aspect that each participant in a group would finish only one part of the portrait, the other one would ad other part of the face to the earlier made image.

Thus, proceeding step by step, the portrait got painted through all the members of groups formed to complete the work. In the end, the members felt a sense of satisfaction got through their collaborative efforts.

An exhibition of the exhibits (created works) was also arranged on this occasion.

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