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Jodhamal Youth Conclave begins

JAMMU: The 2019 chapter of Jodhamal Youth Conclave (JYC) kickstarted today in the school campus. This year's conference theme is "Nation at Peace not in Pieces" (NATIO APUD PAX ET CONCORDIA)

JYC is an effort that has been initiated by JMPS to involve its youth to engross in order to work out on agendas that have engulfed Indian political scenario. Being the three-day event with over 300 middle and high school students from Jammu and across India gathered together to address and learn about issues that needs some concrete solutions.

JYC kick-started today with full vigour in the Multipurpose Hall of Jodhamal Public School where Prof. Ashok Aima Vice Chancellor of Central University of Jammu graced the occasion as the Chief guest of the day and gave an inspirational key note address which stirred the entire conference. The other Principals who attended the opening ceremony were Rohini Aima, Nirmal Mahna, Vivek Arora and Subendhu Sarkar.

Jodhamal Youth Conclave provides young citizens a forum for Independent thinking while honouring diverse opinions; trusting and harnessing others; motivation and actionAlong with the important elements JYC believes in enhancing self-image; learning through dialogue; accepting the unknown; being a role model in finding supporters that share their passion; respecting different values; offering different ways to get involved; good communication between management and the field.

The three day conference hosted students and escorts from reputed schools like Scindia School (Gwalior), Lawrence School, Burn Hall School, JK Public, KC International, Model Academy, Jammu Sanskriti, Heritage School, Army Schools, Law College (Jammu University) Doon International School, Presentation Convent,Rich Harvest and many more.

JYC not only proved to be a great platform for delegates to showcase their intellectual skills but also helped them make friends and memories for a lifetime and the event is now the talk of the town.

The opening Video itself made the theme Nation at peace not in pieces so very clear and heart touching that almost all the members witnessing had the Goose Bumps.The best part of the JYC was that it was by the students, for the students and of the students initiative and the students worked very hard to make it a successful event of the town. The Conference Director Bhawna Madaan along with colleagues Mubeen Butt and Deepmala Sharma and team of teachers worked to come up with more simulations and negotiations in this season.

JMPS invited it's alumnus like Aakansha Sharma, Dr. Sheikh Eras, Hasit Sachdeva, Vanshaj Sharma to Chair the committees with unbiased opinion and decisions and worked very hard to bring this dream to its culmination today in the form of JYC-2019.

Committees like Code Black: Narcos, Azad Bharat Commission, Hindustan Cabinet, Special Tribunal On National Security, National Commission On Recreational Drugs, Rajya Sabha, Special Probe On Fundamental Rights and National Commission For Women and a special Committee The War Cabinet, presided over by the students and alumni of the school witnessed heated debates on national agendas like fostering the Quit-India Movement of 1942 towards independence, reviewing militant insurgencies in Kashmir and the role of AFSPA, reconstructing the national reservation policy, ensuring a safe socio-economic environment for women with special emphasis on patriarchal glass barriers in the society and consent as a constitutional right, administering the use of psychoactive substances and many more.

The meet was declared open by the Director General DhairyaChoudhary and the entire Directorate welcomed all the guests and dignitaries. The second day of the Conclave culminated into a social gathering of all 300 delegates and their escort teachers in the evening, where the students made friends with each other to be connected for the future Conclaves and were busy convincing the others to support their motion. 

Trustee Nandan Kuthiala, Director Arati Kuthiala along with the Principal Dr. Deep Khare and Vice Principal Shefali Sanwal witnessed the program and blessed the students for the three days of Brainstorming and having fun while learning and take along with them experiences that have enriched them with more knowledge, learning and social skills that would provide the delegates confidence to grow into better versions of themselves to confide, plan and execute better in times to come.


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