Citizen report | Why prohibit people to carry food inside theaters and then sell Popcorn in 100s at 500% profit?

Recently, actor Rahul Bose was trending on all social media platforms for sharing the exorbitant bill issued by JW Marriott Hotel Chandigarh. He had ordered two bananas while working out in the hotel gym for which he was billed Rs. 442.50 including GST. Call it the cons of being an actor or simply committing the crime of staying in a plush hotel. Day in and day out, we come across numerous such issues of overpriced water in restaurants, expensive popcorns in cinema halls, etc. Bananas might not have burnt a hole in Rahul Bose's pocket but for commoners and especially cine-goers, popcorns are surely giving a tough time.

Citizen reporter Mitali Kumari wrote to Jammu Links News regarding the prohibition on carrying outside eatables at multiplexes. A soft drink brand which you can buy for Rs 30-35 outside the multiplex is sold at Rs 100 inside it. And popcorn prices are way beyond Rs 150 a tub. Considering that multiplexes run at full occupancy all the time, one can gauge how a consumer is captive inside the place. Outside eatables are not allowed inside theatre despite no official guidelines on it. Thus, people facing health issues are left with nothing but junk food and snack options.

For a middle-class person, the price of food in multiplexes is definitely a discourse at dinner tables. If you must have noticed, popcorn in a multiplex costs about 500% more than what you get outside in the mall. And if you decide to pop them at home, you would notice that the mark-up is more than 1000%. The food and drinks at plush places are pricey when compared to retail prices outside.

It is a well-planned strategy to force sales by prohibiting cine-goers to carry food inside and then burn a hole in the pockets of consumers while they all are in a good mood. Thus, Mitali appeals authorities for taking actions against the monopoly created by multiplexes.


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Hardeep Bali