Garima Abrol, wife of late IAF pilot Samir Abrol, may soon join armed forces

VARANASI: Garima Abrol, the wife of late Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot Samir Abrol who died in a Mirage crash earlier this year, has cleared the Services Selection Board (SSB) in Varanasi and may soon be eligible to join the forces.

Garima Abrol has cleared Services Selection Board from Varanasi and may get an opportunity to join IAF's academy in Dundigal in Telangana.

In February 2019, Squadron Leaders Samir Abrol and Siddartha Negi died when a Mirage 2000 trainer aircraft crashed in Bengaluru.

In the days following the heartbreaking accident, Garimal Abrol wrote a moving post on social media slamming IAF authorities for using "outdated" equipment to risk the lives of its personnel.

The two pilots were conducting an acceptance sortie of the Mirage-2000 trainer, which had been newly upgraded by state-run aerospace company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, when it crashed on February 1.

Though the pilots made a bid to eject, they were caught in the flames as the plane crashed with a huge explosion.

Garima in an emotional message posted online after the demise of her husband, detailed the ordeal that the family and especially the spouses of the armed personnel face on a daily basis. Using the hashtag ‘lost pilots', she also questioned the "system (that is) responsible for the loss of lives of so many pilots".

"My tears are still not dry and I loved sending my husband to serve the nation with a cup of tea and head held high". She also mentioned no one cries when they leave but the family," the bereaved wife of the martyred Air Force pilot wrote.

Author Swapnil Pandey interviewed her on the decision to join the Air Force. She said, "I really want to see what life looks like in his shoes. Legacy has to move on. Wearing the same uniform also gives me the motive to sustain".

The conversation left Pandey at a loss of words. She said: "Many of us lose the zeal to live if we lose an opportunity and here is this woman, the wife of a fighter pilot who did not choose to perish - rather worked hard, wiped her tears and moved on to fill the shoes her husband has left behind".

"I truly wish people find inspirations in such women more than the fake celebrities roaming around and teach their kids especially young girls about such women who are exemplary examples of rising above the odds and yet, choosing the right path with their heads held high," Pandey wrote about Garima.

It is commendable how Garima turned her grief into her power becoming an inspiration for many.



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