RJs in Jammu earning fame and upping their game through social media

The social media has changed the communication game for the gatherers of news, be it television, radio, print or digital. The evolution of communication through YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have brought a dramatic shift in the relationship between the content creators and consumers. This shift to social space has pushed the radio broadcasters to widen their reach beyond the conventional platform to cater to the technologically savvy audiences. Keeping pace with social media platforms is actually helping the creators to earn listener-ship loyalty and also news or content leads. Although broadcast radio is the original social medium, social media makes it even more engaging and interactive.

Social media since its inception has taken the communication industry by storm. People have finally got a platform where they can express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions. In today's world, most businesses require social media grounds to flourish. Likewise, it has become essential for radio broadcasters.

In the same regard, Jammu Links News approached various radio channels in Jammu for their views on this change.

A Couple of newly established private radio channels in Jammu and their teams are constantly hooked to the social sphere for widening their reach and promoting their content. 

While talking to RJ Juhie, a well-known face in Jammu who has been associated with radio for the last six years, we found that social media is not only helping but amplifying radio's reach and putting it in touch with more listeners.

Speaking in the context of engagement, Juhie said, "Listeners get to know the host a little more than what they know from the radio. Social media has built a personal connection with my audience as I get the feedback in real time and also entertain a wider audience even those who are hooked to social media sites."

RJ Juhie also mentioned about her show "Big Bookworms Cafe" which was an instant hit on Facebook among the elderly people and even the youngsters who are avid readers. She said, "Several dignitaries from the state have appreciated the type of content that has been put out there by Big FM. People are appreciative of the fact that we are bringing something new for them every day through various shows and initiatives."

She also shared a great message on criticism that makes its way on their social media handles. She said, "Criticism on social media is unavoidable so a random person nitpicking should not be taken seriously. Either you can playfully refute or simply ignore and move on with your day. Everything has its pros and cons so adding levity to the situation works well for me"

Jammu Links News Team also interacted with Vikrant Sharma, J&K Head 92.7 BIG FM J&K regarding the impact of social media on radio broadcasters.

To which, he said, "Social media is a boon for the radio industry as it has increased our listener-ship and we have also added more value to our brand. Not only that but I am associated with the theatre for about 30 years and particularly with radio for 13 years so I can tell you that social media has amplified the reach of our unique initiatives."

He also added that if used wisely and in moderation, social media can help each and every individual.

One can inject humor or venom, can express gratitude or relieve tensions, share happy moments or can whine through social media. The platform can be used in multiple ways depending on one's choice and intellect.

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Hardeep Bali