Cyclone Vayu: No damage to airport infrastructure or facilities, confirm authorities

GUJARAT: The Airport Authority of India on Thursday said that no damage to airport infrastructure or facilities has been reported in Gujarat and the "effect of Cyclone Vayu is milder at most of the airports".

In the wake of cyclone Vayu, Airport Authority of India conducted a review meeting through video conference to check the status of Gujarat airports.

"It was observed that the effect of Cyclone Vayu has been milder at most for the airports of Gujarat. No damage to any airport infrastructure or facilities has been reported so far. The situation is normal at Surat, Bhuj, Keshod, Kandla, Jamnagar, Vadodara, and Ahmedabad," said airport authorities in a statement.

According to the Directors of the airports in the state, Diu, Porbandar and Bhavnagar airports are currently witnessing a wind speed between 30 to 60 Kmph. They have been asked to closely monitor the situation and take note of meteorological data.

Action on reviewing NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) and resumption of flights will be taken after the next review meeting scheduled for this afternoon.


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