6000 complaints of domestic violence and matrimonial disputes in Jammu in past 5 years

JAMMU: The old adage "Marriages are made in heaven" seems to be a farce now-a-days with the rise in compatibility issues amongst couples and the surge in divorces. The Indian society seems to be mirroring the western concepts of love where half of the marriages result in divorces.

Owing to the rise in divorces, some youngsters have been forced to ponder the idea because a marriage or a ring ceremony might not lead to something so permanent after all.

It is saddening to know that the latest data by J&K Police depicts a surge in domestic violence and matrimonial dispute cases in Jammu.

Majority of the complaints were related to domestic violence in which the mental and physical harassment was listed as the main reason by victims. Around 6000 complaints have been registered so far by Police department in the past five years.

The statistics revealed that in 2017, out of 1,073 cases, 746 were resolved and 43 were taken to court. But in 2018, the numbers has risen to 1,665 and in last six months this year, 737 complaints have already been registered.


No. of Complaints


Total cases legally handed













 Table: Statement of Complaints and their year-wise disposal by P/S Women Cell, Jammu

SHO Police Station Women Cell, Jammu Arti Thakur told that the cases of matrimonial disputes have topped the list so the department tries to counsel couples and save their marriages. Because, the first priority is to make sure that child doesn't suffer in the marriage.

She added that the court is the last resort for those couples who do not agree to resolve their issues. She also said that most people are approaching Police Station Women Cell, Jammu to register complaints even when are from different districts.

The increased domestic assault figures maybe largely due to an increase in reporting and greater public awareness, rather than an increase in violence. Still the current scenario calls for contemplation as the society is heading towards utter dismay.

Most of the cases registered in the women cell are related to extra-marital affairs causing trouble in the marriages. When the spouse is involved in an extramarital relationship, the core value of the marriage which is based on loyalty is totally broken which ultimately leads to divorce. The Police is trying hard to settle the differences between partners which is apparent from the statistics.

But the rise in such cases reveals the bitter truth of the society which is likely to worsen with time.



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Hardeep Bali