'A Beautiful Story’: First ever Book Café for Kids in Jammu

For the growth of our country, we need to make our kids compassionate enough so that they will become responsible citizens of tomorrow. The early years of a child should be used in stimulating curiosity and equipping them to take life’s challenges head-on with an undefeated spirit. Bookish knowledge can fetch your kid a fine job but for well-rounded development, shaping one's personality at a very early age is mandatory, as it can bring a sea of change in their lives.

Jammu Links News Team visited the first ever Book Café for Kids in Jammu, 'A Beautiful Story' located in Channi Himmat, Jammu. A colorful flight of stairs leads your way to the entrance of the center and each stair has a different quote written on it coupled with eye-catching walls decorated with flowers. The vibrant color scheme used for making the book cafe instantly brings a ray of hope. The use of such appealing elements makes up for a positive and motivating environment for kids to learn new things.

'A Beautiful Story' is a great initiative taken by the founder Seema Ahuja. She along with her daughter Dr. Rinky Ahuja has developed a Perfect Programme for nurturing child's innate potential. The main goal of the program is to stimulate the brain cells of a child at an early stage of their life thus enabling them to unlock their greatest potential.

The course has been built around kids’ limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries. They offer three dedicated sessions a week on alternate days involving a mix of all things good. The main four categories involve Creative Story-telling session addressed for kids as "Tell-a-Tale", Art and Craft session as kids call it “The Great Paper Caper”, Poetry recitals and mommy-toddler sessions. Other than these four, there is Live music on violin and guitar, Sessions on self nurturing habits, Magical Science, phonetics, Love for Animals, Love for Sports, English Speaking, Nature’s Blessings, Instilling moral values in developing up a child’s personality etc.

The Trait of the month and the Word of the day are also displayed on the board. The centre provides almost everything that makes a child aware, imbibes more than the basic class room curriculum! 

All these learning and interactive activities help a child to become more confident, creative and resilient.

The sessions focus on increasing the capacity of memory and creativity in a child which further fosters intellectual development. The Story-telling activity allows kids to use their brain for imagination which keeps them away from digital devices and thus helps in limiting the screen exposure. The reading habits are inculcated that allows a child's mind to develop fully in this fast pace media-driven environment.

Kids are fond of music and dance so "A Beautiful Story” has come up with the idea of poetry recitals and music session which are conducted in a corner decorated beautifully with a vibrant color scheme to keep kids engaged.

The mission of the program is to develop a child’s creative mind through play, adding a sense of responsibility towards society and encouraging children’s enthusiasm for life.  The interesting and engaging after School Activities can help a child to enhance verbal proficiency, listening skills. It will sharpen a child’s memory and instill moral values besides making the kid better at communication and learning at a faster pace.

The founders of "A Beautiful Story” believe that purposeful play is a form of early education hence parents in Jammu must explore this avenue to refine their kid’s personality.




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Hardeep Bali