Mission Clean Jammu | JMC to award contracts for increasing manpower

It has been a challenging task for Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) to create a monitoring mechanism to track the sanitation work being carried out in the city.

In order to bridge the gap between the numbers of workers required to keep Jammu city for the given number of residents, the authorities' are planning to outsource their primary and basic functions, by awarding contracts after inviting bids.

Out of the total of 75 wards of Jammu Municipal Corporation, Initially, 15 wards were outsourced to maintain cleanliness in the region but the contract is coming to an end now. So, the department is extending their deadline to track the sanitation work.

The newly appointed JMC Mayor Chander Mohan Sharma has decided that the newly created five wards will also be incorporated in the process of outsourcing to deal with the shortage of manpower.

The National Green Tribunal has passed a slew of directions to ensure compliance of Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 by state governments. The order states that there has to be 1 sanitation worker for 500 people in an area but as per the sources, the JMC is not able to follow the guidelines due to the shortage of funds. Also, owing the implementation of code of conduct, the tendering process for outsourcing can't be done at the moment. Only after May 23 when the final vote count of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 will be out, the outsourcing processes can be initiated.

Pardeep Singh Manhas, Joint Commissioner (A) said, "The JMC has around 1895 safai karamcharis in total which is extremely low compared to the total population to be taken care of. Around 1500 more people are required to create a monitoring mechanism to track the sanitation work."

 He added, "We have 538 people from NGOs working with us who have been allotted sanitation work."

The JMC has a different Health and Sanitation Wing for handling the process of monitoring cleanliness work.

The Health and Sanitation Wing of Municipal Corporation Jammu is headed by Health Officer and assisted by two Sanitation Officers and four Assistant Sanitation Officers. This section holds the highest public importance and is backbone of the Corporation. This is the only section of JMC which attends/redresses complaints of general public throughout 24 hrs (i.e. 24 x 7) to provide clean, hygienic and pollution free environment to the general public.

Various function of Health and Sanitation Wing include

  • Regular cleaning of streets/roads and removal of filth etc.
  • Timely placement of containers, dustbins etc.
  • Lifting the carcasses and their disposal.
  • Carrying out the process of Night Scavenging in busy areas of the city which cleaned thoroughly during day time.
  • Informing people about dangerous diseases and special measures to be adopted in case of dangerous outbreaks
  • Collection of user charges on account of sanitation.
  • Challans under section 266/302/303 read with 384 of J&K Municipal Corporation Act 2000 for violations.

Presently, Dr Saleem Khan is heading the department. There is a proper hierarchy which is followed in the process.

Source: JMC Website

There are several laws under which cleanliness is maintained. Some of them are listed below:

Source: JMC Website

As per the sources, time and again, several awareness programmes by the name "IEC" are being run by the JMC to aware people regarding the waste segregation and collection. The IEC stands for Information-Education and Communication and a nodal officer has been appointed for the same.

The residents of Jammu should also consider it their responsibility to keep Jammu clean by throwing their domestic waste in nearby JMC containers, avoiding the use of polythene bags and carrying fabric bags with themselves while shopping. Besides, people should be aware of dry and wet waste and type of bins to be used for collection so that the waste segregation can be done from homes only. Let's take a vow to keep our homes, surroundings and city clean.



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Hardeep Bali