APS Kaluchak celebrated Baisakhi

JAMMU: Baisakhi is a cardinal harvest festival of Punjab that has a paramount religious significance as well. Keeping this in mind, students of APS Kaluchak celebrated the day with great fervor and festivity. The premises of the school reverberated with Baisakhi celebrations.

A special assembly was organized to mark this auspicious festival and to apprise the children of their rich culture and heritage.

Students from classes I- XII witnessed a resplendent pageant of art, music, dance and drama with profuse alacrity. A speech was delivered in order to accustom the students with the relevance of the festival. Dressed in typical folk attire, ornaments and accessories, the jubilant senior students danced to the tunes of Bhangra which beguiled the audience. Punjabi folk song proved to be the icing on the cake which left the audience spellbound.

On this occasion, the sprawling buds presented a dance performance. Their synchronized dance movements to the foot tapping music enthralled the audience.

The Principal, Hem Lata Vishen encouraged the students to enjoy and revere all the festivals with equal enthusiasm and vivacity and to transcend the barriers of caste, religion, colour, creed and region.

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