JSS implements Project CACA this academic year

JAMMU: Jammu Sanskriti School, Jammu has initiated & implemented Project CACA (Children against Child Abuse) this year.

The project is a child-centric, preventive & holistic project aimed at the safety of children against Child sexual abuse and at the same time lay emphasis on child rights and gender equality.

This project empowers children through life skills and value education so that they can be happy, healthy and safe.

The project connects schools with various related Govt., Non-Govt. & Pvt. Organisations, and hospitals through various workshops that build the capacity of all these institutions on clinical & academic aspects of child rights, abuse prevention & gender equality.

Therefore, Jammu Sanskriti school Jammu, on Wednesday, 3rd April 2019, under the project CACA conducted sensitization & legal awareness workshop on Child sexual abuse & The Jammu & Kashmir Prevention of Children from Sexual Violence Act,2018, which motivated & empowered about 2000 students, their parents, 120+ teachers & 40+ Support staff of the school.

The sensitization workshop on Psychological aspects of Child Abuse was conducted by Keshav Sharma, Psycho-oncologist, and Fortis Healthcare whereas the legal awareness workshop on the Jammu & Kashmir Prevention of Children from Sexual Violence Act, 2018 & Juvenile Justice Act, & orientation workshop on Project CACA was conducted by Pradeep, Project Director, Project CACA.

Both of them laid emphasis on Clinical/Psychological & Academic aspect.  The Clinical aspects include Signs of Child Sexual Abuse, Helping a child to manage trauma of sexual abuse and how to respond when a child reports an abuse. On the other side, Academic aspects include Core Principles of Project CACA, Rationale of morality, Ethics, Rights, Women Rights & Children Rights, etc.


Principal cum Vice-Chairperson of the School, Rohini Aima asserted that empowerment of Children is must in present era for their overall well-being and such workshops needs to be conducted in order to sensitize them about their social & legal rights.

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