A new project by JMC | Wall paintings outside MAM College

In order to beautify Jammu City, Jammu Municipal Corporation had earlier chalked out a comprehensive plan last year. The plan included the development of rotaries, beautification of walls, under the flyover and different chowks, triangles etc. The main theme of the beautification projects was decided to be the propagation of local culture and related stories.

Last year, the whole stretch right from GCW Gandhi Nagar to Cygnett Park Asia was turned into amazing artwork by the artists who totally revamped the dull landscape and defaced walls near Cygnett Park Asia.

This year, Jammu Municipal Corporation has taken up another such task to revamp the walls outside MAM College. Many artists from Arts School and volunteers have joined this campaign to add colours to the dull walls with their talent. Also, gradually the street art is getting unfeigned attention in Jammu.

These beautification projects were started by former JMC Commissioner and now DC Jammu Ramesh Kumar. He is still overseeing all such projects with the sole aim to make Jammu beautiful.

Also, Divisional Commissioner Sanjeev Verma is monitoring all the beautification projects. His valuable support and guidance have paced up the whole process of making Jammu city beautiful again. Time and again, JMC authorities have apprised the Div Com regarding the work done on wall paintings depicting rich culture and tradition of the state which has ensured the speedy completion of projects under his observation.

Slowly and steadily, the general public is also becoming appreciative of art and thus artists in the city are definitely getting some recognition. This project undertaken by JMC is definitely giving a vibrant look to the city's dull landscape and is still in process.

Jammu Links News team reached out to Secretary, JMC, Sunaina Sharma regarding the new project taken up by the department and she informed that the initiative was taken to make use of public space for spreading meaningful messages and also to engage with people thus make a city more interactive for locals as well as the visitors.

She added, "These projects were decided to be based on history, culture, and stories of Jammu region. Like, the recent wall murals near MAM College road depict Bagh-e-Bahu, Hari Niwas, Lakes and more such places of importance in Jammu region."

She also said, "Jammu Municipal Corporation expects citizens to keep the city clean and not deface these walls. The department wants people to have a sense of belongingness and pride in all these projects. It will not only encourage the department and artists but also give a hope to seek out more hidden stories and paint them on the walls at important places of the city."

It was also told that future projects by JMC include revamping the outside area of Super Speciality Hospital with the theme "girl child".

She has also appealed people to come forward and contribute ideas for future projects and make Jammu even more wonderful.

Public art builds up a sense of community pride. And more than adding to the aesthetic nature of the place, it also acts as a great tool for spreading information and ideas. Hence, it can also be called as the instigator of conversations as well.

Such initiatives of painting walls and flyover pillars are also satisfying for the artists. Even today, these projects started by Jammu Municipal Corporation would not have materialized without the contribution of artists so we all must take a vow to keep these pieces of art beautiful and clean.


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Hardeep Bali