DLL, JU celebrates International Women'd Day

JAMMU: The Department of Lifelong Learning, University of Jammu, organized a function here to mark International Women's Day (IWD).

Highlighting the importance of the day, Dr Kavita Suri, Director and Head, Department of Lifelong Learning, University of Jammu who is also Member, Jammu and Kashmir State Commission for the Protection of Women and Child Rights, said that the day is observed to honour the women who have contributed remarkably to the society, to show solidarity with those fighting for gender equality and bring to light those women who have contributed a lot for the society and passed unnoticed.

Giving an overview of the history of International Women's Day, Dr Suri also, threw light on the historic events which saw the women across the globe demanding their rights including suffrage, the movement and demand for their voting rights.

She said that the women's protests and demand for equal rights goes as back as 1792 and beyond when Mary Wollstonecraft argued for equal education for women and their right to earn their own living.

Dr Suri showed a powerpoint and some video clips which showed in detail the march of 15,000 women in the streets of New York in 1908 for better working conditions, Copenhagen summit in 2011 and the UN declaration of the day in 1975.

Dr Sandeep Singh, Assistant Professor DLL also threw light on all the historic events which saw the women all over the globe demanding their rights including suffrage, the movement and demand for their voting rights. Dr Singh also elaborated on the need for gender sensitization among the masses.They informed the students that as this year's IWD theme was "Balance for better", it was quite important that the people be sensitized about the balance in the human life and equal treatment of the women folk.

"Women who are almost 50 per cent of the world population, have been suffering in every sphere of life. The imbalance is clearly reflected in literacy rate, health, property, wage gap and whole lot of other issues," said the DLL faculty members adding that this day is a important day when all of us should take a pledge to give fair and equal treatment of women and girls and they should be given what is due to them The need of the hour, they reiterated, is to have gender balance which would ensure progress in the society.

There is a need to end to gender violence, both domestic and institutional, there should be equal pay for equal work inequality should be removed.Earlier, the students of 2nd and 4th semesters of Masters in Rural Development made various posters on the theme of women empowerment. The students'posters were displayed in the department and were well appreciated by all.

Among others present at the occasion included faculty members Dr Pallavi Sachdeva and Dr Bharti Prabhakar, EIAB counsellor Dr Rewa Khajuria, DLL supporting staff and students of the department.

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