JSS Kathua celebrates National Science Day

KATHUA: Jammu Sanskriti School, Kathua today celebrated the National Science Day with scientific temperament and zeal.

The morning assembly began with paying homage to a great Indian Scientist Shri Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman who discovered the phenomenon known as Raman Effect and for this remarkable discovery in 1930, was awarded the Nobel Prize.

The young scientists of JSS, Kathua spoke and exchanged their views on the theme of national Science Day 2019 -" Science for people and the people for science", Students were also made to watch science-based movies/documentaries such as Carbon, The Student Anthem for classes from 6th to 9th.

The Science faculty of JSS, Kathua Shikha Chandan M.Sc Physics, Raghini Sharma M.Sc Zoology organized class wise experiments for students so as to foster and inculcate scientific temperament along with an analytical approach amongst students. The young scientists enjoyed, understood the importance of science in their daily life and how science has indirectly and directly lead to dynamic progress of humanity as a race.

Principal Mili R. Sumbria appreciated the teaching fraternity for having provided a scientific platform to all the students and exposing them to realize the potential of science in our day to day lives.

She further spoke about famous scientists like Dr. Homi Baba, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Madam Maria Curie etc who have been pioneers in the field of science and their contributions to the field of science are unforgettable. She motivated her students to be one like them and pursue their interests to the next level.

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