Google Doodle celebrates work of French actor and playwright Moliere

NEW DELHI: The Google Doodle today celebrates the work of Moliere, the French actor and playwright.

The doodle gives a glimpse of his most unforgettable scenes from The Imaginary Invalid and other classics such as School for Wives, Don Juan, and The Miser.

Moliere was the son of a flourishing furniture maker to the royal court. However, he did not want to be part of the family business and began a career in theatre in 1640. His first play, Les Precieuses ridicules (The Affected Young Ladies) was staged in 1660 and its premiere took place at the Theatre du Petit-Bourbon.

Moliere's final play, Le Malade Imaginaire (The Imaginary Invalid), premiered on February 10, 1673, which was a parody of the medical profession. In The Imaginary Invalid, he played the role of Argan, a hypochondriac who wants his daughter to ditch her true love and instead marry his doctor's son, so that he won't have to pay any medical fees.

Moliere's plays parodied human foolishness and were known to be novel in that day and age.



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