JU Organizes a Guest Lecture on 'DNA damage and repair in Mammalian cells'

JAMMU: The School of Biotechnology University of Jammu organized a special guest lecture by Professor Tej K. Pandita from Houston Methodist, Weill Cornell Medical College, USA on 'DNA damage and repair in Mammalian cells'.

Dr. Pandita is a member of the Cancer Research Programme and was elected as a fellow of American Association of Advancement of Science in 2013. He is the past Chairman of A-T workshop 2012 International meeting. He served as a chartered member of the CMAD, National Institute of Health, USA study section in addition to being associated with editorial team of the best journals in biology in the world.

In his highly informative lecture, he enlightened the students on the DNA repair system in normal as well as in stem cells. He described the relationship between DNA sequence, chromatin structure and the sensitivity to Ionizing radiations (IR).

His research is mainly focussed on the mechanistic role of chromatin structure in regulating the cell survival response to IR induced DNA damage.

He also talked about the role of ATM dependent MOF phosphorylation in the cellular response to IR. He gave an overview on the techniques by which we can use IR to treat cancerous cells. This Discovery will be used to develop clinically relevant methods to increase the response of tumour cells to IR based therapies while decreasing injury to adjacent, normal tissue.

In his presidential remarks, Prof. Manoj Dhar, Vice-chancellor, University of Jammu emphasized on the continuous scientific interaction between Prof. Pandita and School of Biotechnology, University of Jammu, Jammu.

He further added the University will cease the opportunity to use the expertise of Prof. Pandita to augment the ongoing human and mammalian research going in various departments of the University of Jammu especially to revive and strengthen Institute of Human Genetics.

Prof. Jyoti Vakhlu, Director School of Biotechnology welcomed and introduced Dr Pandita to the audience.

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