Revamp winter wardrobe with these 10 fashionable colors

Ten fashionable colors compose the main palette of the Fall collections. Warm and autumnal tones alternate with vibrant and strong hues much loved by millennials, like shocking pink.

Whisky brown: a warm, enveloping hue, just like the famous liquor. Its natural nuances remind of wood's veining.

Cherry red: a "full-bodied" color, ideal to enhance velvet, tulle and satin. Ideal for elegant, retro-feel looks.

Digital blue: the color of almost all social networks. A color that evokes technology, and the future. Perfect for all cyber girls.

Fuchsia pink: it's still one of the favorite hues with designers. Exuberant if worn from head to toe, or as a creative detail.

Lavender: also called "lilac", it's a pastel tone that, unlike pink or baby blue can add character to a statement or intricate outfit.

Orange: Fall's symbolic hue, it will stand out with all its "vitaminic" effect. Dare to wear an orange suit to fight the dropping temperatures.

Sapphire yellow: to uplift classic patterns, like florals or checks.

Olive green: apparently subdued, it is similar to military green but has a golden undertone.

Marble gray: it’s the new black, perfect from am to pm, from office suit to cocktail dress. 

Silver: shiny and with a mirrored effect. On elegant metallic silver dresses or couture overcoats. 

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