Inter-Bn Sports Meet of J&K Armed Police | Bindu of IR 15th bags women's sprint gold

JAMMU: Bindu Devi of IR 15th bagged the sprint gold to emerge fastest runner in the women's section in the ongoing Inter-Battalion Sports Meet of J&K Armed Police at University of Jammu tracks, here today.

Second place in 100 meters event went to Nisha Devi, again of IR 15th while Rekha Devi, also of IR 15th finished third.

Nisha Devi clinched 400 meters gold. Second place went to Rekha Devi while secured by Darshna Devi finished third. All these athletes belong to the IRP 15h Bn.

WUSHU: 52 kg: Vinay Kumar, AP 12th, Ist; Pardeep Singh, IR 5th, 2nd and Rasham Kumar, IR Ist and Muzaffar Rasool, IR 5th, joint 3rd. 56 kg: Ishfaq Ahmad, AP 12th, Ist; Mushtaq Ahmad, AP 7th, 2nd Mohd Shafi, AP 9th and Umar, AP 12th, joint 3rd. 60 kg: Nadeem Ahmad, AP 12th, Ist; Vicky Singh, AP 8th, 2nd; Rakesh Kumar, IR 4th and Tariq Hussain, IR 7th, joint 3rd. 65 kg: Sumesh Chopra, AP 5th, Ist; Latief Ahmad, IR 7th, 2nd; Bharat Bhushan, IR Ist and Talib Hussain, AP 12th, joint 3rd. 70 kg: Deepak Kumar, AP 12th, Ist; Gowhar Ahmad, IR 5th, 2nd; Aadil Shafi, AP 12th and Sajad Ahmad, AP 19th, joint 3rd. 75 kg: Rakesh Kumar, AP 8th, Ist; Aadil, AP 9th, 2nd and Parvaiz Ahmed, AP 9th, 3rd.80 kg: Vishal Singh, AP 8th, Ist; Pardeep Kumar, IR 4th; 2nd; Mukesh Kumar, IR Ist and Mohd Akbar, AP 7th, joint 3rd. 85 kg: Anil Kumar, IR 17th, Ist; Sanjay Kumar, AP 14th, 2nd; Aarif Ali, IR 7th and Harjeet Kumar, AP 14th, joint 3rd. 90 kg: Sukhdev Mangotra, IR 17th, Ist; Arjun Kumar, AP 14th, 2nd; Rajiv Kumar, IR 6th and Vikas Sharma, AP 12th, joint 3rd. Plus 90 kg: Balkar Singh, IR 7th, Ist; Gulshan Singh, IR 17th, 2nd; Shiv Dutt, AP 12th and SI Vivek Basan, IR 7th, joint 3rd.

JUDO: MEN: 60 kg: Yaseen Rasool, JKAP 12th, Ist; Asif Majeed, JKAP 9th, 2nd and Sahil Sharma, IR 15th, 3rd. 66 kg: Surjeet Singh, IR Ist, Ist; Shah Hilal, JKAP 9th, 2nd and Khalid Abass, JKAP 9th, 3rd. 73 kg: Vishal Singh, JKAP 8th, Ist; Deepak Kumar, JKAP 12th, 2nd and Joginder Singh, IR Ist, 3rd. 81 kg: Ishfaq Ahmad, JKAP 9th, Ist; Ajaz Ahmad, JKAP 9th, 2nd and Adil Farooq, JKAP 9th, 3rd. 90 kg: Arshid Ahmad, IR 6th, Ist; Rakesh Singh, IR, Ist 2nd and Shabir Ahmad, JKAP 9t, 3rd. 100 kg: Gulshan Singh, IR 17th, Ist; Vikas Sharma, JKAP 12th, 2nd and Mudasir Ahmad, JKAP, 9th, 3rd. Plus 100 kg: Sukh Dev, IR 17th, Ist; Fayaz Ahmad, JKAP 9th, 2nd and Baljeet Singh, JKAP 9th, 3rd.

WEIGHTLIFTING: WOMEN: 59 kg: Darshana Devi, IR 15th, Ist; Rekha Devi, IR 15th, 2nd; Sonia Ruby, IR 15th, 3rd. 64 kg: Sonia Ruby, IR 15th, Ist; Geeta Devi, IR 15th, 2nd. 71 kg: Sunita Devi, IR 15th, Ist and Rafiqa Bano, IR 15th, 2nd. 76 kg: Seema Devi, IR 15th, Ist and Rafiqa Bano, IR 15th, 2nd. 81 kg: Neeta Devi, IR 15th, Ist and Surishta Devi, IR 15th, 2n. 87 kg: Khalida Parveen, IR 15th, Ist; Rekha Devi, IR 15th, 2nd. Plus 87 kg: Salma Bano, IR 15th, Ist; Neelam Devi, IR 15th, 2nd.

BOXING: MEN: Bantam: Yasir Arafat, IR 10th, Ist; Surinder Singh, IR 15th, 2nd; Sajan Kotwal, IR 5th, 3rd. Light: Tariq Hussain, IR 7th, Ist; Pranav Talashi, IR 17th, 2nd and Manoj Kumar, IR 6th and Rahul Kumar, IR 15th, joint 3rd. Light Welter: Arjun Singh, AP 5th, Ist; Rajinder Kumar, IR Ist, 2nd; Vijay Kumar, IR 5th and Danish Mohi U Din, IR 17th, joint 3rd. Welter: Deepak Kumar, AP 12th, Ist; Kartar Singh, IR 6th, 2nd; Neeraj, AP 5th and Qasim Din, IR 17th, joint 3rd. Middle: Peer Mohammad, IR 7th, Ist; Pawan Kumar, IR 14th, 2nd; Mohd Shafi, AP 9th and Rafiq Ahmad, AP 17th, joint 3rd. Light Heavy: Arif Ali, IR 7th, Ist; Harjeet Kumar, AP 14th, 2nd; Budhi Singh, IR 14th and Atul Deewan, IR 6th, joint 3rd. Heavy: Shakeel Ahmad, IR 11th, Ist; Irshad Ahmed, AP 7th, 2nd; Sunny Bakaya, IR 6th and Anil Kumar, IR 17th, joint 3rd. Super Heavy: Vikas Marwalia, IR 14th, Ist; Vinod Kumar, AP 12th, 2nd; Gulshan Singh, IR 17th and Vikram Singh, IR 4th, joint 3rd. WOMEN: Light: Sushma Kumari, IR 15th, Ist; Kanta Devi, IR 15th, 2nd. Light Welter: Komal Koul, IR 15th, Ist and Darshna Devi, IR 15th, 2nd. Welter: Nisha Rani, IR 15th, Ist and Anjana Salotra, IR 15th, 2nd. Middle: Seema Devi, IR 15th, Ist and Bindu Devi, IR 15th, 2nd. Heavy: Surishta Devi, IR 15th, Ist and Madhu, IR 15th, 2nd.

VOLLEYBALL (MEN): In men's Volleyball competition, JKAP 7th Bn shall be playing against JKAP 8th Bn in the final, slated for tomorrow at DPL Ground, here. The Results: Semifinals: JKAP 7th bt IR 12th 2-0 (25-22, 25-18); JKAP 8th bt JKAP 6th 2-0 (25-0, 25-0). Quarterfinals: IR 12th bt IR 3rd 2-1 (25-15, 24-26, 15-07); JKAP 7th bt IR 7th 2-0 ( 25-16, 25-14); JKAP 8th bt IR 14th 2-0 (25-23, 25-17); JKAP 6th bt IR 10th 2-0 (25-14, 25-14).Preliminary Round: IRP 14th bt IRP 19th 2-0 (25-22, 25-23); IR 8th bt IR 5th 2-0 (25-19, 25-09); IR 10th bt IR 17th 2-0 (25-19, 25-23); JKAP 6th bt JKAP 14th 2-1 (25-11, 24-26, 15-04);

ATHLETICS: MEN: 800 mts: Krishan Lal, IR 18th, Ist; Rakesh Sharma, IR Ist, 2nd and Naresh Singh, IR 19th, 3rd. WOMEN: Javlin Throw: Seema Devi, IR 15th, Ist; Madhu Rani, IR 15th, 2nd and Rukmani Devi, IR 15th, 3rd. Shot Put: Jaswinder Kour, IR 15th, Ist; Seema Devi, IR 15th, 2nd and Salma Bano, IR 15th, 3rd.

Discuss Throw: Jaswinder Kour, IR 15th, Ist; Madhu Rani, IR 15th, 2nd and Seema Devi, IR 15th, 3rd. 800 mts: Purma Devi, IR 15th, Ist; Nisha Devi, IR 15th, 2nd and Rani Devi, IR 15th, 3rd. 400 mts: Nisha Devi, IR 15th, Ist; Rekha Devi, IR 15th, 2nd and Darshna Devi, IR 15th, 3rd. 200 mts: Bindu Devi, IR 15th, Ist; Rekha Devi, IR 15th, 2nd and Sushma Devi, IR 15th 3rd.

BADMINTON: Sanjeev Khajuria (SSP) and Kulwant Singh bagged the men's doubles Badminton title outplaying the pair of Swarn Singh Kotwal (SP) and Samir Kotwal (SP) in straight sets of 21-15, 21-18 in a well contested final played at GOs Mess at Gulshan Ground complex today. Earlier, in the Badminton singles title clash, Sanjeev Khajuria (SSP) defeated Kulwant Singh (SSP) 2-1 (21-12, 21-18).

TABLE TENNIS: Beating Samir Kotwal (SP) in straight easy sets of 21-06, 21-05, Paramvir Singh (DySP) clinched the men's Table Tennis singles title in an event that was meant for Gazetted Officers (GOs) only.

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