Inter-Bn Sports Meet of J&K Armed Police | IR 17th dominate in men's Wrestling

JAMMU: The IRP 17th Battalion dominated in both Free Style and Greco Roman version of men's Wrestling in the ongoing Inter-Battalion Sports Meet of the Jammu and Kashmir Armed Police (JKAP) at different venues here today.

The IRP 17th clinched highest six medals, including four gold and two silver in different weight categories of Free Style event. Similarly, in Greco Roman, the IRP 17th secured highest five medals, including four gold.

In the meantime, women Wrestling event, the exclusive women's Battalion of IRP 15th wrestlers shared the medals among themselves in the open competition organised in six different weights today.

Meanwhile, in other team events of Hockey, Football, Kabaddi, Handball, Volleyball and Basketball were in preliminary stages. The individual events of Wushu, Judo and Boxing and team event of Tug of War shall start tomorrow.

WRESTLING: WOMEN: 53 kg: Suprita Bandral, IR 15th, Ist; Nirmal Devi, IRP 15th, 2nd. 62 kg: Sushma Devi, IR 15th, Ist and Kanta Devi, IR 15th, 2nd. 65 kg: Komal Koul, IR 15th, Ist and Darshana Devi, IR 15th, 2nd. 68 kg: Nisha Rani of IR 15th, Ist and Bindu Devi, IR 15th, 2nd. 72 kg: Saroj Bala, IR 15th, Ist and Rajni Devi, IR 15th, 2nd. 76 kg: Seema Devi, IR 15th, Ist and Surishta Devi, IR 15th, 2nd.

MEN: FREE STYLE: Shehraz Hussain, IR 12th, Ist and Vikas Sharma, IR 14th, 2nd. 61 kg: Danish Bhatt, IR 17th, Ist and Pranav Talashi, IR 17th, 2nd. 65 kg: Rakesh Kumar, IR 14th and Rattan Singh, IR Ist, 2nd. 70 kg: Arif Khan, IR 7th Ist and Mumtaz Ali, IR 8th, 2nd. 74 kg: Kisim Din, IR 17th, Ist and Kuldeep Singh, IR 7th. 79 kg: Razak Ahmed, IR 7th, Ist and Pardeep Kumar, IR 4th, 2nd. 86 kg: Mohd Ashraf, IR 7th, Ist and Rajeev Kumar, IR 6th, 2nd. 92 kg: Sukhdev Magotra, IR 17th, Ist zand Sadiq Ali, IR 17th, 2nd. 97 kg: Gulshan Singh, IR 17th, Ist and Mohd Rafiq, IR 4th, 2nd. 125 kg: Ishityaq Bhatt, IR 11th, Ist and Danish Baboria, IR 2nd, 2nd.

GRECO ROMAN: 55 kg: Shehraj Hussain, IR 12th, Ist; Resham Kumar, IR Ist, 2nd. 60 kg: Vikas Sharma, IR 14th, Ist; Pranav Talashi, IR 17th, 2nd. 63 kg: Balkar Singh, IR 3rd, Ist and Bharat Bhushan, IR Ist, 2nd. 67 kg: Deepak Kumar, AP 12th, Ist and Joginder Singh, IR Ist, 2nd. 72 kg: Kisim Din, IR 17th, Ist; Mumtaz, IR 18th, 2nd. 77 kg: Arif Khan, IR 7th, Ist and Razak Ahmed, IR 7th, 2nd. 82 kg: Sadiq Ali, IR 17th, Ist and Sunil Kumar, IR 11th, 2nd. 87 kg: Sukhdev Magotra, IR 17th, Ist and Mukesh Singh, IR Ist, 2nd. 97 kg: Gulshan Singh, IR 17th, Ist and Arjun Kumar, AP 14th, 2nd. 130 kg: Balkar Singh, IR 7th, Ist and Pawan Kumar, IR 3rd, 2nd.

ARCHERY (Women): All the participants were from IRP 15th. 300 mts: Sunita Verma, Ist; Madhu Rani, 2nd and Urmila Devi, 3rd. 50 mts: Manoharma Devi, Ist; Surishta Devi, 2nd and Nimala Devi, 3rd. Overall: Sunita Verma, Ist; Manoharma Devi, 2nd and Nirmala Devi, 3rd. Elimination: Nirmala Devi, Ist; Sunita Verma, 2nd and Urmila Devi, 15th.

TABLE TENNIS (GOs): Samir Kotwal (SP) today qualified for the final of the Table Tennis event meant for Gazetted Officers (GOs) only. He defeated Shivdeep Singh (SSP) in straight sets of 21-12, 21-13. In preliminary round, Shivdeep beat Farooq Hussain (DySP) 2-1 (21-18, 16-21, 21-19 and Paramvir Singh (DySP) bt Rakesh Kumar (SP) 21-13, 21-06.


HANDBALL: JKAP 12th bt IRP 4th 8-7; IRP 12th bt IRP 14th 10-07; IRP 18th bt IRP 15th 14-07.

VOLLEYBALL: JKAP 8th bt IRP 6th 2-0 (25-09, 25-12); IRP 10th bt JKAP 9th 2-0 (25-20, 25-20); JKAP 6th bt IRP 9th 2-0 (25-14, 25-15). KABADDI: IRP 15th bt IRP 20th by 32 pts; IRP 5th bt JKAP 6th by four pts; IRP 14th bt IRP 11th by 18 pts; JKAP 9th bt IRP 4th by 12 pts; IRP 10th bt IRP 6th by 13 pts; JKAP 13th bt IRP 16th by 34 pts; IRP 19th bt IRP 9th by 31 pts.

FOOTBALL: JKAP 13th bt IRP 6th 2-0; JKAP 8th bt IRP 4th 3-2; JKAP 13th bt IRP 6th 2-1; IRP 3rd bt IRP 10th 3-0; JKAP 12th bt IRP 17th 2-0; IRP 13th bt IRP 3rd 6-1.

HOCKEY: IRP 20th bt JKAP 8th 1-0; IRP 12th bt IRP 18th 1-0.

BASKETBALL: Men: IRP 4th bt IRP 8th by 19 pts; IRP 12th bt IRP 2nd by eight points; JKAP 9th bt IRP 6th by 13 pts.

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