Naseeruddin Shah calls Virat Kohli ‘World’s worst behaved player’, fans defend

Actor Naseeruddin Shah, recently took to social media commenting on the Virat Kohli's behaviour, calling him worst behaved player of the world. It did not take long for Kohli fans to come out to defend the Indian skipper. However, the post got mixed reactions.

"Virat K is not only the worlds best batsman but also the worlds worst behaved player. His cricketing brilliance pales beside his arrogance and bad manners. And I have no intention of leaving the country by the way," read a post by Shah. 

While most people slammed Shah for calling Kohli the "worst behaved player", others defended Kohli stating that to beat the Australians "This kind of aggression is needed". However, many also agreed with Shah in criticising the cricketer. 

Not too long ago, Virat Kohli was trolled for a video where the Indian skipper asked a fan to leave India. The comment was made during a promotional video where the 30-year-old bashes the fan who said that he liked English and Australian batsmen more than the current Indian players. While Kohli was slammed for his comment, late to join the bandwagon is Shah.


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