Pilot seeks blessings from his grandmother and mother before their first flight, video goes viral

Chennai-based pilot Pradeep Krishnan had a particularly special flight recently. Flying aboard the aircraft were three very special women - his grandmother, mother and sister - all of whom had never flown before. And before the flight to Singapore took off, Krishnan emerged from the cockpit, walked down the aisle to their seats and sought their blessings.

In a video that is going viral, the pilot is seen touching the feet of his grandmother and mother before take-off.

The emotional scene was captured and shared by his roommate, Nagarjun Dwarakanath, who is also a pilot.

"Dreams come true, my roommate Pradeep Krishnan after getting a job at Indigo, flew his mother, grandmother and sister for the first time. Have come a long way from 2007 when we first started to fly. 11 years since we first flew as student pilots," Dwarkanath wrote online.


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