SMVDU Faculty delivers talk at Lucknow University

JAMMU: Dr. Uday Pratap Singh, Associate Professor, School of Mathematics, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, delivered talk in the National Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics, organized by Bharata Ganita Parishad held on 10-11 November, 2018 at Lucknow University, Lucknow.

Dr. Singh presented in his talk on the title "Nature-Inspired Optimization Techniques". Nature-inspired optimization techniques are more popular and powerful tool for solving engineering problems of higher dimensions.

He explained how nature-inspired algorithms are worked and easy to implement with help of taking some numerical problems. Also, it has been told by him convergence analysis of these algorithms, their randomness and free from the gradient.

Dr. Singh is a prominent researcher and mathematician at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra working for finding the solution of nonlinear systems using soft computing methods. He also delivered another expert talk in on "Sector Nonlinearity Based Fuzzy Model Fractional Calculus, Special Functions and their applications in computer science" in the DST sponsored conference by Ramanujan Society of Mathematics, held on 11-12 November 2018 at TDPG College Jaunpur, (U.P).

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