Spark up your winter with the latest trends

Hey Ladies, winter has arrived after scorching summers and elaborated rains. Most of us find it a daunting task to style ourselves in winter. We often tempt to yank in the pool of winter fashion rut. It's time to upgrade your wardrobe with the latest trends to look more stylish this season. Winter fashion is not about cladding yourself but about making oneself cozy, comfy and stylish at the same time. Styling in winter is fun, if you are ready to look beyond your over extended black wardrobe, as with couple of mix and match you ready to step out. So, get ready to funk it up this winter with ten ‘must have' winter collection in your wardrobe.

1. A turtle neck top is a must have in winter. Invest in buying some really good turtle neck tops in different colour. A good cozy top paired with wide legged jeans and a knee length coat is great for any occasion.

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2. If you want to keep yourself snuggle, warm and stylish- Faux Fur/Shearling Coat is perfect for you. You can pair it with your flared jeans or tights along with a pair of boots.

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3. A Long Cashmere/Velvet Winter Dress feels like warm hugs. Pair it with ankle length boots and studded earrings. You may also wear a woollen scarf and a coat if it is freezing outside.

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4. An Oversized Jumper can never get you wrong. Many of us have been wearing pullovers or sweaters, replace it with a signature oversized fuzzy jumper.

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5. A Metallic Jacket over your hoodies/ pullovers with a tight fitted jeans and a pair of converse kicks is a perfect chic look of the season.

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6. A Long Scarf (blanket look), it is a luxury accessory that goes with everything and it is a thumbs up while travelling. Try to style your outfit using a cool scarf. It is worth styling as it gives you a rich, polished and cool look at the same time.

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7. A Flared/Wide Legged Jeans is ideal bottom wear for this season. This retro flare jeans is back with a boom and it is already the trouser trend of 2018. It gives you a simple, clean and elegant look. Pair it with heels to balance out jeans' volume.      

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8. Athleisure or ‘sport leisure' style is no longer confined to the gym or sports activities but it has definitely found its way into the hearts of fashionistas. It is a fantabulous combination of comfort and style. Athleisure is the ‘new casual'.       C:\Users\BEST BUY\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (56).png        C:\Users\BEST BUY\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (58).png

9. Over Thigh High (OTH) Boots are must have accessory this winter season. It can be worn for your day routine and are good to go at any party in the evening too. These boots come in different material and colour. Choose what suits you the best. You may pair it up with a short dress, skirt and trousers as well.


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10. Sunglasses are all-year-round must.  In winter sunnies adds spark to your outfit. Complete your look with a pair of hot sunnies in trend; Tinted lenses sunglasses, Retro cat-eyes sunnies, Oversized round aviators, Half- frame sunglasses, Ski goggles, White frame sunnies and Embellished sunglasses and many more.

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Hope, you will give up your winter rut and will try to add spark to your wardrobe. Ladies, rush to your nearest stores or you can get the mentioned winter collection online also. Winter has make it comfy and STYLISH.



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Sheetal Lalotra