Anup Jalota calls off his relationship with Jasleen Matharu as she chooses clothes and makeup over him

65-year-old Bhajan maestro Anup Jalota has broken all ties with his 28-year-old girlfriend Jasleen Matharu. As ‘vichitra' as they are as a couple, so is the reason for their breakup.

For those who haven't been able to watch this week's episodes of Bigg Boss, here's a rundown of what happened in the last two days. To spice up the environment of the house, Bigg Boss introduced an interesting nomination task. The singles to save themselves from nomination had to kidnap one member of a jodi and ask them for some sacrifice. If the jodi agrees to sacrifice, they get saved from nomination, else they would have the axe of nominations around their neck.

The first couple to perform the task was Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu. Their kidnapper was Dipika Kakar. Dipika kidnapped the bhajan singer and asked Jasleen to sacrifice all her clothes, makeup and chop off her hair to shoulder length if she wants to save Anup from nomination. Jasleen seemed to be in two minds as she argued that she is an artiste and cannot stay without makeup on national television. She also reasoned that her parents don't know her measurements hence she cannot even ask them to send her more clothes.

After fighting a dilemma, Jasleen decided to get nominated with her partner Anup instead of giving away her belongings. Her decision didn't go well with Anup. The veteran singer was visibly upset with his girlfriend choosing makeup over him. Next day, after seeing all the jodis making sacrifices for their respective partners, he got even more upset and called off his relationship with Jasleen. On being advised by Sreesanth that such decisions should not be taken in Bigg Boss house, he replied, "It is such small things only which bring out the reality of the person and the relationship."

While the housemates were trying to make Anup understand the triviality of the incident, wildcard entrant Surbhi Rana fueled the fire. The former Roadies contestant said, "One cannot let his self-respect go on national television just for the sake of love." Her statement irked everyone in the house but Anup stuck to his decision. He talked to Jasleen and told her that they are no longer together and wished her a happy life ahead. Karanvir, Somi Khan, Saba Khan, Sreesanth, Dipika and Romil made efforts to bring the couple back together but to no avail.

Now, whether this jodi will get back together or not will only be known in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss 12. For now, Anup and Jasleen are nominated for eviction along with Karanvir, Sreesanth and Srishty.


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