UPSC website hacked! Hackers play 'Doraemon' title song in background

NEW DELHI: The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) official website was hacked in the early hours today. Hackers tweaked the homepage to show a photograph of famous cartoon character ‘Doraemon' with a caption "Doraemon!!!! Pick up the call". Also, it plays the Doraemon title song.

UPSC Website webpage Hacked

This is not the first case of a government website getting hacked and changed. The UPSC website that is managed and supervised by the Indian government has been the subject of notorious activity. The hackers generally tend to hack a government website when they want to alert them about its frailties and vulnerabilities. Hence, in an attempt to voice their displeasure they websites are hacked and patches to remove it are released shortly after.

There has been a rise in hacking of government websites since Prime Minister Narendra Modi started to stress on his initiative ‘Digital India'. The UPSC website is a part of GOV.IN registry, so only government approved authority personnel or institutions have an access to the domain.

Meanwhile, the UPSC website has been restored back to normalcy again.

The main reason behind the hacking is still unclear or no statement has been released regarding any data theft at the database level.

UPSC's website is currently running on HTTP server, which is a non-secure server, while HTTPS is a secured server.

The image contained two lines: "Doraemon!!!!!!! Pick up the Call" on the top and "I. M. STEWPEED" below. The 'Doraemon' title song in Hindi played in the background.

The incident came to light after some users shared screenshots of the website on Twitter around midnight.

UPSC is yet to respond to the incident.

The Supreme Court of India's website was hacked in April this year allegedly by a Brazilian hack team.

Last year, a pro-Pakistan group hacked the websites of four top Indian institutes-Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi), IIT Varanasi, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) and Delhi University (DU) and posted anti-India messages.


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