Walking high above the Vietnam's 'Golden Bridge'

VIETNAM: Nestled in the densely forested Ba Na Hills, Vietnam's Golden Bridge has been attracting hordes of visitors since it opened in June this year.

The shimmering structure, set more than 3,280 feet above sea level, was designed to evoke the image of giant hands of God, pulling a strip of gold out of the land.

The 150-metre long bridge, that snakes through picturesque mountains, is held by two weathered-looking hands, which at first glance, appear to be made of stone, but are actually built using steel mesh, concrete with a fibreglass finish.

The bridge has been designed by TA Landscape Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City and reportedly set the Vietnam government back by USD 2 billion.

Ba Na Hills, which reportedly attracted 2.7 million visitors last year, was established by French colonists in 1919. It once boasted of some 200 villas, but only a few ruins remain today. The Hills is now known for its cobbled streets, a Fantasy Park and a French-style village.

The bridge has become a tourist magnet after it was likened to scenes from Game Of Thrones and Lord Of The Rings. Visitors have said it bears a striking resemblance to computer-generated structures in the HBO fantasy series and films directed by Peter Jackson. 



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