World's cheapest car Tata Nano may soon disappear from Indian roads

NEW DELHI: Tata's most talked about car, the Nano, is almost dead. Only one unit of the world's cheapest car was produced in June this year, while exports were zero. The company itself acknowledges that if the present situation continues, the car may not survive beyond 2019.

The rest of the Indian car market, which includes motorbikes, cars, trucks etc has registered growth in the same period.

The Tata Motors Ltd, which introduced Nano as the "people's car" in 2008, seems to have failed miserably among 'value-conscious' Indians. Nano car has fallen short on safety, having a tendency to catch fire.

Only a few innovative products live up to their expectations and attract a large consumer base, to be able to survive in the Indian market. The idea of fancy electric vehicles or cheap and light vehicles, have rarely been successful in India.

The company may need a revamp of the car, suggesting that it is not only the cheapest but also has the best features. Further investments may also be required to help it survive.

The Indian market suggests that people are obsessed with high-end products, and companies have adhered to their demand, giving more preference to high-end products rather than to basic products. Maruti-800 is a well-known case, the production of which was stopped recently by Maruti.


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