Daughter of the soil, Sherlin Seth makes Kollywood debut

Sherlin Seth hails from Jammu and has been making the state proud by adding feathers to her cap with every new project. We interviewed her as she shares some great suggestions and memories with us. Excerpts from the interview:

1. Congratulations for making J&K proud in fashion circle. Tell us about yourself and your aspirations related to modeling?

I am a very simple person by nature who finds happiness in simple things and coming from J&K, I have seen all kinds of worlds because I am staying in Chennai now. The most important thing that I have learnt so far is to be adaptable in nature.

2. You were Miss India Tamil Nadu 2017, a big achievement for anyone. How has been your journey since then?

It was a great achievement for me. After that, it has been an uphill and very eventful journey. I believe every day, you learn something new and being an engineer, I would say that life is an alternating current; life has its ups and downs. And one shouldn't give up hope on whatever they are aspiring to be because if you really want something, you'll definitely achieve it one day.

3. Since you hail from Jammu, have you encountered more struggles compared to your peers in the fashion industry?

Honestly, coming from Jammu doesn't really make any difference if you have good general awareness, besides in this internet era, everyone has access to same information. But i would like to tell that Jammu is a simple place so the people are also very humble but here people are more diplomatic and hence at times it becomes difficult to understand them and act accordingly.

4. Tell us about your hometown memories, schooling and graduation?

My hometown memories are something that I am very fond of. I still remember going to Patnitop, Mcleodganj and nearby places. Honestly, my schooling from Carmel Convent is what I am really proud of. Later, during my graduation in Chennai, I became more independent and that’s when I got to know about my potential in fields other than academics.

5. When did you realize that fashion is your calling?

Honestly, fashion as my calling is something I never really thought of because I was always a studious child and I wanted to become an astronaut. But later on, I became an engineer. My father has always helped me to build interest in electronics and other things like before teaching me how to drive, he taught me how to fix a puncture. He has made me very self-independent. In the college, there were different clubs so I opted for fashion club and went to inter-college competitions and Miss India people called me for Campus Princess but I couldn’t make it because I was still learning. So, later on, I started doing events in and around Chennai but then I got LAKME campaign in the summer of 2016 and that’s how the journey began for me.

6. Among friends and family, who has been your biggest support?

I think family has been my biggest support and honestly, when I came down south and got placed in a decent company with a good package. I worked there for a while and after signing my first movie, I left my job which was a big deal. But my parents always supported my decision saying that you can always go for higher studies if this doesn’t go well. They said just go for it, we are there with you because I wouldn’t have survived otherwise. My first movie went well and it’s been great since then. My friends were there to support me morally but my mother and father get the biggest credit for standing like a rock with me.

7. Do you have any limitations as a model and how do you handle the stress to be in shape all the time?

As a model, I don’t really have any limitations because I am a versatile person. Also as an actor, I have no limitations because one should be up for any roles. It’s not a stress to be in shape and every person has one or other kind of stress but as an actor, of course you have to be in shape, your skin should look good. I am just doing my job so it doesn’t really bother me.  Had I been in MNC, my stress would have been about achieving my targets. People keep clicking a model because she is pretty so she would do it religiously. Thus, I wouldn’t call it stress and honestly, if I wouldn’t be a model, I would still be fit because your health gives you a kickback in your 30s so one needs to keep a check on that. So, it’s all about habits and a little focus on daily routine will keep you fit.

7. Being in 20s, you still have a sea to explore. What are your goals as a model?

In my 20s, I don’t have a sea but an ocean to explore and as an actor, my goals are to learn something new every day.  My goal right now is to just learn from the people I am currently working with and to move up in a silent manner. And obviously, I would want to win hearts and have fame in my life. Since, I am working towards excellence so I am not concentrating on the output. I think at the end of the day, hard work is the key in any field- be it fashion or corporate or anything. So, my goals are of course to work in finest of movies and bring out the best in me as an actor.

8. How do you define fashion? Do you think women can be empowered through fashion?

I think fashion is very versatile in itself and of course women can be empowered through fashion because there are various parts in acting but behind that camera, there are more than 500 people working on that project. Women are also very creative in general so they can become designers and can put themselves forward. And I believe if we allow them to pursue what they want, they would surely achieve heights thus we should encourage it.

9.  Speculations are that you'll soon make your debut in both Kollywood and Mollywood. Tell us about your projects in line?

Yes, I am making my debut in Kollywood with “Kasu Mela Kasu” and Mollywood, I am not really sure of but I would love to in future. Besides, there are few projects lined up but I can’t reveal the details as of now.

10. Do you have any message for our youngsters who are unsure about their career choices?

The most important thing that I would love to tell to youngsters is that when you are 18, you are at a very tender age so you must be educated enough to have a back-up plan. If God forbid, your plan A doesn’t work, you must have a solid plan B to fall back on for which education is must. Youngsters must complete their graduation and I feel you must explore things in the process. Education empowers you so choose some solid graduation course and in the process, you’ll figure out what you are meant to be. Like I got into SRM which had varied section of society and the horizon was widened which I am very grateful for. So, choose your course and college wisely and you’ll eventually do well.



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