Art attack on Jammu flyover by Jammu Municipal Corporation

Jammu Municipal Corporation has attempted to do something beautiful for the city. The aim is to turn Jammu into a graffiti capital. Many artists from Arts School and volunteers have joined this campaign to add colors to the dull walls and bridges of the city with their talent. This time the street art is getting the unfeigned attention in Jammu.

Artists have derived inspiration from the history of Jammu city and some pressing issues of the society. This unique idea to revamp the dull landscape started with the defaced walls near Cygnett Park Asia. The whole stretch right from GCW Gandhi Nagar to Cygnett Park Asia is turned into amazing art work by the artists and the department. The beautification process is Jammu Links News so grand and fascinating for the public. The artists are contributing in a big way and their art is being appreciated by the public.

The recent project taken up by JMC includes Jewel Chowk flyover where artists are showcasing their skills by painting the elements from history of the Jammu and its landscape.

One of the pillars showcases the fading famous Basohli art of the city and the mountainous terrain of the region. The popular themes of the Basohli paintings are the portraits of local rulers, the Hindu gods, and figures from Hindu mythology which is beautifully painted on the pillar.

Slowly and steadily, the general public is also becoming appreciative of art and artist in the city are definitely getting some recognition. The project undertaken by JMC is definitely giving a vibrant look to the city's dull landscape and is still in process.

This opportunity of painting such big walls and flyover pillars is equally satisfying for the artists. This project started by Jammu Municipal Corporation would not have materialized without the contribution of artists.

Let's take a vow to keep our city and surroundings clean.


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Hardeep Bali