BJP mocks opposition's silence on Centre's decision to deport Rohingyas

JAMMU: Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party alleged the opposition parties of maintaining silence on the Union Home Ministry's decision to deport Rohingyas.

He said, "The eerie silence maintained by the opposition parties and other self-proclaimed saviours of Jammu is not only perplexing but smells of a conspiracy. Those who brought the Rohingyas to Jammu for the sake of vote bank politics are now worried about they being deported, thus giving a serious dent to their manipulations. It is obvious that they were shedding crocodile tears so far to exploit public sentiments while their political agenda is to ensure their presence in Jammu. Rather than hailing and appreciating the announcement of the Union Ministry, these parties have gone into hibernation. While rest of the nation has welcomed the decision and hailed the government for its bold move, the silence on part of the dual-faced politicians of the opposition parties has badly exposed them."

Brig Gupta also took to task those who had called for a Jammu Bandh in the recent past on the issue of Rohingyas and made tall pronouncements regarding their ouster and blamed the BJP for inaction. "Why haven't till now the outfits involved in the agitation appreciated the government's decision for deporting the Rohingyas since this was their major demand? Does it mean that their agitation was "issueless" and driven by a hidden political agenda of cornering the government and defaming BJP?" questioned Brig Gupta.

"The Congress leadership which had used the Bar Association's shoulder to fire its gun must come out in the open and clarify to the people of Jammu as to what is their actual stand on the issue," he demanded.

"Congress cannot have a dual policy on the issue which varies according to the region. Even if there is a deliberate attempt to ignore the government's decision by the dual-faced coterie, it is adequate to expose them since they are feeling uneasy because of the government's bold decision. Come what may the opposition's silence is worthy of scorn and deserves to be condemned by all right-minded people," he said.

Brig Gupta further elaborated that a few leaders of these parties, who were actively involved in facilitating the illegal settlement of the Rohingyas in Jammu are now feeling scared of falling prey to the long arm of justice since the government has announced to initiate legal action against those who provided them official documents like Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving Licence and Ration Card etc..
"Is this also a cause of their possible silence?" he questioned.


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