Pak atrocities | Infant's back pierced with bullet, Couple killed in R S Pura sector

It is the time when people around the world are progressing towards peaceful times in human history but the turmoil for Jammu and Kashmir is never-ending. The unprecedented violence due to cross-border firing and consistent ceasefire violations by Pakistan has left citizens scarred for ages. The pain inflicted on the border area residents is inexplicable, civilian casualties have shoot up. In the State, Jammu region is experiencing bloodshed of magnitude that has crossed all the limits of tolerance. Despite the appreciable move taken by the government to adopt ceasefire during the holy month of Ramzan, citizens stood a significantly great chance of being wounded or killed.

Unfortunately, Pakistan seem to hold little value for the festive season so it has stooped low enough to bring a battlefield disaster wreaking havoc on our people. More than anyone, these people pray religiously for the war to speedily pass away. As per the reports, the casualties in the beginning of 2018 alone equaled the figures for entire 2017. And 2017 itself was an exceptional year for ceasefire violations, as it saw a six-fold increase from 2015.

The incessant shelling and firing has crippled the life of border residents because not even a single day goes by when there are no casualties in one of the sectors. A series of events lately has caused me enough pain to brief you all about the consequences of these ceasefire violations.

Couple succumbed in shelling

During the wee hours of Friday morning, shells were bombed by Pakistan in the R S Pura and Arnia sectors which claimed the life of a couple living peacefully in their home causing no trouble whatsoever to anyone. The walls of their house were filled with shell marks and one could see the remains of mortar shells. Their family was crying helplessly over the fate of their community which is living under constant fear of death. The couple was identified as Tarsem Lal, and his wife Manjeet, residents of village Chandu Chak, R S Pura, who were injured in firing and later succumbed.

8-month-old killed by bullet

Imagine the state of the mother whose eight-month-old child died in firing. The little boy, Nitin Kumar in Jogwan area of Akhnoor was inside the house with his mother when a bullet hit him in the back and pierced through his stomach. It was told that Pakistan has been using 80mm and 120mm mortar shells - flat trajectory battalion level weapons - on residential areas and nearby villages.

It is understandable that our neighbors are on a killing spree because hours after Pakistan "pleaded" with the Border Security Force for a ceasefire, they opened fire in Narayanpur and Baba Chamliyal areas in Ramgarh sector.

Apart from these two incidents on two different days, every single day, border area residents make an attempt to embrace their lives warmly, strongly and positively but every passing day leaves them with a new scar for lifetime.

Scores of soldiers have lost their lives in firing but nothing concrete has been done to help the sufferers. The ministers keep labeling deaths as "unfortunate incidents" but the people are torn up by the prevailing conditions. They still hope peace to prevail but rising casualties have disheartened and discouraged them like never before. The government must provide assistance to the people and initiate a dialogue process to save people from the turmoil.


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Hardeep Bali