Dogri finds lost glory at Jammu railway station

The mother tongue of Jammu people, Dogri, has finally found its lost glory. The name of the Jammu Tawi railway station can now be read in Dogri script called ‘Takri' on the signposts.

This is a moment of great achievement for the language, as it is for the first time that any government organization has used the Dogri script. The people of the region are feeling proud in sharing the pictures of the signposts that reads ‘Jammu Tawi' in Dogri, along with English and Hindi scripts.

Dogri language has achieved this feat, after fifteen long years of being accorded the official language status by the Centre. It was included as the 22nd Indian language, in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution in 2003.

There have been allegations against the government for ignoring the mother tongue of the Jammu division, even after being an official language in the Constitution. There also have been demands to use ‘Takri' for writing Dogri, while voicing concern for the losing charm and respect of the language.

The modern Dogri script, called ‘Takri', was introduced by Maharaja Ranbir Singh, famous Dogra ruler, but gradually, people adopted the Devanagari script for writing Dogri. But the initiative taken by the government at the railway station is commendable and has kept hopes alive for Dogri to regain its honour.

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