Jodhamal hosts a Synthetic Phonics Workshop for Junior Teachers

JAMMU: Sashwati Satpatti, an Alumni of Singapore University and a Synthetic Phonic Trainer from Bhuvneshwar conducted a two day vibrant workshop for the Pre Primary & Primary Teachers of Jodhamal Public School to ensure the 21st century education to the students who are entrusted to the school.

The workshop started with the sounds and how to make the sound like a synthesizer and make it a synthetic sound. Stapatti discussed the 42 sounds from 26 letters of English and told the teachers to never ever make the phonic sounds using Hindi or any other vernacular rather the 42 synthetic sounds to make the students join the letters to make reading easy for them by the blended learning.

To an answer to the question What is Synthetic Phonics? Sashwati Satpatti explained that Phonics is nothing but relating sounds (phonemes) to letters (graphemes) or group of letters. It is an instructional method of teaching children to read.

They learn how to blend letter sounds together to make words like ‘Dog'. It's not easy as it sounds because 26 letters in the English alphabet correspond to 42 sounds.

Importance of Synthetic Phonics

Phonics not only helps the child to read but also spell with ease. It helps them decode words by using the knowledge of sounds. It is vital as it does not depend on the photographic memory of children and aids them in reading new and unfamiliar words, thus enriching & enhancing their vocabulary.

Synthetic Phonics Benefits to Children according to Saswati : Start Enjoying Reading; Builds Sub-Conscious Mind; Improves Speaking Skills; leads to Smarter and Self-Confident child.When should a child be introduced to Synthetic Phonics?

The best time to introduce phonics to a child in between 4 to 6 years. However children above 6 years & up to 9 years have not developed good English reading, speaking & spelling skills, phonics will definitely help.Why should you try learning to read early on?

Research has shown kids who are able to communicate well in English in early days of their growing perform well in their academics & actually enjoy success in school. They are free of any stress at the subconscious level & apart from excelling in studies, also have very high self esteem & self confidence.

Voracious acquisition of new knowledge through reading helps children build a strong academic foundation.Coordinators Ranju Malhotra, Urmila Kaul & Neetu Johri appreciated the workshop and said that such workshops add on to the capability of the staff and from Pre Nursery itself we need to incorporate it.

Trilok Singh Bist, the Principal of the school appreciated the concept and was happy to see the sea change in all the 50 teachers who were a part of this fruitful workshop.

Trustee Nandan Kuthiala & Vice Principal Pooja Panthri presented a token of appreciation to Saswati Nanda Satpatti for making these two days so enriching for the faculty members of Jodhamal.



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