Karan supports Rahul’s stand on Kathua incident

JAMMU: Former Union Minister and veteran Congress leader Dr Karan Singh has fully supported the stand taken by All India Congress Committee(AICC) president, Rahul Gandhi on Kathua rape and murder case of a minor girl.

In a press statement issued here, Dr Singh regretted not joining AICC president at midnight Congress rally at India Gate in Delhi but accorded his support to the cause. He hoped that after full investigation and trial, the culprits will face the most severe punishment for their horrific and inhuman acts.

"I am also surprised that the MP in whose Parliamentary Constituency Kathua falls, has as far as I am aware, neither visited Kathua nor spoken a word in condemnation of the shocking events there," Dr Singh maintained.

"Today being Baisakhi, a new year for millions, let us step back for some deep introspection. The foundations of our democratic structure seem to be crumbling. Parliament has become dysfunctional, our highest court is a house divided against itself, our administrators around the country are unable to cope with the rising graph of crime and social conflict, and our great nation, seems to be losing its inner vitality, unity and clear sense of direction.

Regardless of party affiliations, this negative trend must be reversed as soon as possible, as drift can end in disaster," Dr Singh cautioned.


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