Daughter of soil, Shalu, a melodious singer

Daughter of the soil, Shalu, a singer by profession, presently settled in Dubai has gained popularity right after her first song. We interviewed her as she talks about her music career, her viewpoints on power of Music and as she shares some of the memorable moments in her career, we hope you'll definitely learn from her experience. Excerpts from the interview:

1. Talk to us about your hometown, schooling and profession?

I am originally from Jammu and Kashmir but I was just two-months-old when my family moved to Dubai. So, I completed my entire education in Dubai following which I started my career in the Aviation Industry.

 2. When did you discover that music is your calling?

Walking down the memory lanes, I can recall situations wherein I was participating in Antakshari and was enthusiastically singing at the parties. Though, I always had a passion for music but I still would call myself a “mirror singer” where I used to stand in front of the mirror and sing songs all day long.

3. Have you ever had any formal training in music? Does the talent runs in your bloodline or was it just a hobby which turned into a career?

No formal training as such but my maternal and paternal side always had an affinity towards music. Besides, my grandmother is a classical singer so I would say singing was just a hobby and a dream for me which has come true with God’s grace.

4. Which celebrity has influenced you to continue your journey?

 Hema Sardesai Ji; I was fortunate enough to receive her blessings in my musical journey.

5. What was your first project as a singer and how did things fall into place for you?

I started my career with “Shaame Suni Suni”, my first project which was released under the T-Series banner. The song was offered to me by a very dear friend of mine, Danish Khan who is also my co-singer in the latest song “Aashiyana”.

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6. Who has been your biggest support for pursuing your dreams?

Undoubtedly, my husband, Umesh Dialani, my parents, NK Suri and Asha Suri and a few friends and co-singer Danish.

7. Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Well, these days we are working on a party number which is all set to release under the T-series banner very soon. Apart from the commercial arena, we regularly update mash ups and covers on our Youtube channel “Alaap Makers”.

8. Which celebrity would you like to work with in future?

I am open to any singing opportunity that comes my way.

9. According to you, what changes can be brought into the society through music?

I truly believe that music is an expression of love and kindness; it makes you humble and connects you with people and strengthens bonds to bring change.

10. What message would you like to give to the young people who are still hesitant about chasing their hobbies and turn them into a career?

Live your dreams, make them come true, you have just one life so be the best version of you. 

Smile at your critics and love your supporters.




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Hardeep Bali