Jammu district tops in unemployment registration

JAMMU: A total number of 10,935 educated youth were registered in January with district employment and counselling center of Jammu which is the highest number of registration from a district in Jammu and Kashmir.

"The registration is voluntary and the total figure may be higher," an officer of the employment department said, adding that several initiatives have been taken to provide them jobs in the Government and private sectors.

Out of the 10935 registrations of educated unemployed youth, 8317 were males while the other 2618 were females. Standard 8th onwards,students are enrolled in this department for a period of three years after which, if they do not enroll back, they are assumed to have found a job and are removed from the list.

According to the counsellor working with the employment department, one of the many reasons of unemployment in the city is that there's an oversaturated public sector because there's a general belief in the people of the city that even a 4th grade government job is better than a moderately paid private job as the former provides more job security and is decently paid. Moreover, there is nearly no private sector present in the city. The city lacks technological awareness, infrastructure, power regulator etc. Thus, all of these make investment difficult in Jammu. This applies to other divisions of Jammu as well.

The counsellor further added that there's large number of voluntary unemployment. Most of the posts in government jobs are Kashmir centric which leaves less space for Jammuites to enroll for. There are very less number of industries present in Jammu. So, as it is, less number of jobs. On top of it, the factory, mostly, hires managerial staff from out the state and only the labourers are taken from the city. This also adds to the worsening of the scenario of unemployment in the city. The counsellor, when asked about any ongoing scheme for the youth of the city, said, ‘Up till 2015, there were allowance scheme given by the government for the educated unemployed. Students were allotted money from 600 for metric pass to 1200 for postgraduate students. But, for now, everything has been stopped.'

Dipankar Sengupta, Dean of placement cell of Jammu University and also a professor of economics said that students are not very keen in getting private placements from the campus and even if they opt for one, later leave the job mid-way. This creates a bad image on the companies who come for placements and they gradually refrain from hiring students of Jammu. He further made a comparison with Himachal Pradesh as to how they are focusing on improving their secondary sector that creates the maximum number of jobs. The state has started to attract a lot of investment, making private sector stronger. He later on added by saying Jammu should also focus on increasing investment which will eventually lead to creation of a stable private sector, ultimately adding to the growth of the employment scenario in the city.

Improving tourism in the city can add to generation of jobs as it has a lot of potential which has been long ignored. Then, there is supposedly, lack of technical education. The engineering colleges of the state are not upto the mark, and the students have been declared as unemployable by many companies. That has led to the central government to sponsor the students, under the "Udaan" scheme, to study in other colleges of India. But that has also not helped and proved to be a failure.

Also, although, article 370 does not, legally, possess a threat to investment in the state but can be attributed to be a mindset problem among the people outside the state. Like, in layman's language, the whole of Chhattisgarh is considered to be naxal hit but in reality only a few areas are like that. Similarly, people consider Jammu to also be militancy hit while in reality only Kashmir is facing that problem. So, investors don't see a point opening industries when they cannot buy land. Therefore, the government should provide easy entry and exit to industries so that more number of jobs is created.

This story is written by Harshita Dubey 

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