Garbage dumps on Bhagwati Nagar roads due to lack of dustbins

Every now and then, we are reminded by our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi about the Swacch Bharat Campaign but sadly, residents and concerned authorities seemed to care less about cleanliness. If you have ever crossed Fourth Tawi Bridge and traveled towards Bhagwati Nagar, you'll not be surprised to see waste dumped on the roadsides and unfortunately, you cannot spot even one bin in the area.

Owing to the lack of dustbins on the side of roads, people dispose of the waste on roads and the garbage pile becomes a painful and smelly site to travel from. Though, door-to-door waste collection is not an alien concept to Jammu but the least the residents expect from JMC is to place dustbins at the right places.

(The picture was taken right near Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at Bhagwati Nagar)

The proper placement of bins seems to ba an arduous task for the department. The accumulated pile of dirt can become a breeding ground for bacteria resulting in a major epidemic. The cattle and dogs also feed on that dirt thus further adding to the problem. Though, we cannot tame stray animals but let us take an initiative to stop littering on the roads.

We, the residents of Bhagwati Nagar request JMC to pay attention to this area and fill this lacuna in waste management so that the waste can be disposed of at the right place.

Report submitted by Hardeep Bali

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Hardeep Bali