The Vatuk Arrangement on Herath

The subsequent three days-hurya sattam, hurya atham and hurya navam are devoted to congregational nightlong prayers, now preferably in temples. On the 12th, a day before the main puja, new earthenwares, freshly baked and specially prepared by the potter for the occasion (now-a-days many people use pots of steel), are ceremoniously brought to the house and placed on a small circular seat (aasan) made of grass in a room.

These pots representing various deities, including the two larger vessels signifying Shiva and Parvati, are embellished with flower garlands tied round their mouths and dried walnuts deposited in them nearly to the brim. The smaller vessels, representing other deities, are similarly readied for formal worship.

A couple of more vessels are also kept ready for lesser deities like the Bhairavas. The pots are filled with water in which walnuts are kept. This ceremony is called ‘vatuk barun' in Kashmiri.

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