Google Doodle celebrates 120th birthday of Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein

NEW DELHI: Google today dedicated its doodle to Soviet film director and father of montage in filmmaking Sergei Eisenstein on the occasion of his 120th birthday.

Sergei, born in Latvia followed the footsteps of his father and took up architecture and engineering. He later joined the Red Army to serve the Bolshevik Revolution. During this time, he developed an interest in theatre and started working as a designer in Moscow.

In 1923, Eisenstein began his career as a theorist. His first full-length feature film, Strike released in 1925. Some of his other acclaimed works include Battleship Potemkin', and ‘The General Line'. He felt that editing could be used for more than just expounding a scene. According to him, the "collision" of shots could be used to manipulate the emotions of the audience and create film metaphors. He and his contemporary, Lev Kuleshov, argued that montage - the technique of editing a fast-paced sequence of short shots to transcend time or suggest thematic juxtapositions - was the essence of the cinema.

While his work was appreciated in the outside world, but Eisenstein's structural issues in his films such as camera angles, crowd movements, and montage brought him under fire from the Soviet film community, forcing him to issue public articles of self-criticism.

To celebrate Eisenstein's passion for filmmaking, Google used film reels, inspired by imagery from some of his movies. Describing his cinematic vision, Google on its website said, "His films were also revolutionary in another sense, as he often depicted the struggle of downtrodden workers against the ruling class."


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