Google Arts and Culture’s selfie feature in India soon

NEW DELHI: A digital app from Google can point users to “art twins” — a painting or sculpture that could serve as a doppelgänger.

A recent update to Google’s art and culture app added a new feature, “an experiment that matches user selfie with art from the collections of museums available on the platform”.

The feature, which went viral in the U.S. last week, will soon be available in India.

Using computer vision technology, the application matches a user’s selfie with a work of art from its wide database.

Users can take a selfie, upload it, and the app using computer vision technology will automatically match it with a work of classical art from one of the several art museums worldwide, the company said.

While the application tries to find the nearest match, it shows an estimated percentage of visual similarity between the face and the artwork. “At Google Arts & Culture, our software engineers are always experimenting with new and creative ways to connect you with art and culture. That’s how this selfie feature came about, too,” a Google spokesperson said.

“We created an experiment that matches the selfie with art from the collections of museums on Google Arts & Culture — and over the past few days, people have taken more than 30 million selfies. Looking at the success in the U.S, we are excited to roll this feature to other countries, including India,” the spokesperson said.

Through the new feature, the application connects users to more than 6,000 exhibitions, from more than 1,500 museums.

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