Cluster of workshops held at Jodhamal for Teaching Staff

JAMMU: Series of workshops were held at Jodhamal as the part of the Staff Development Programme for Capacity Building.

176 staff members of Jodhamal Public School had gone for a total transformation by getting engrossed into a three day workshop with themes making them the Great Teachers who are the Great Leaders and the Great Learners.

Each teacher of Jodhamal goes into a process of metamorphosis by way of regular workshops and conferences in house or outsourced from time to time. Recently 5 Teachers of Jodhamal had attended the three Day Workshop the EduCarnival at IIT New Delhi and in the last three days the Teachers had three workshops on the topics POSCO, Change Management & Learning, Unlearning & Relearning.

First Day saw the POSCO Workshop impacting each teacher to be an alert 21st Century Teacher.

Jodhamal Public School in collaboration with Ratnasagar organised the first day workshop creating awareness about Child Sexual Abuse for all the teachers.

The resource person for the workshop was Surya Naarayana Bahadur, a resource person from New Delhi.

The workshop was specifically organised for the teachers of the school with the aim to spread awareness about child sexual abuse and the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

During the workshop he explained to teachers how as parents and teachers, the two kinds of people the child has most contact and connection with, they play a vital role in identifying an abused child and guiding him or her towards recovery.

It was a very interactive sessions wherein the teachers showed a lot of interest and also asked various questions as to how they could actually identify such students who had been victims and also how can they educate their parents about the same and the child confides the most in both of them.

Third Day saw the Learning, Unlearning and Relearning as the topic of discussion and it was found that all teachers were ready to unlearn what has become outdated and ready to relearn through this workshop as to live upto the changing times.


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