Famous Woodcraft of Jammu region

Wooden craft in the state traces back its history to over ten centuries. This craft was born out of the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and the need of the under-privileged people to earn their livelihood. The niche class had the desire to decorate their palaces and homes with decorative wooden items to add to the richness of interiors and adding intricate work and royal touch to the whole place which led to the discovery of creativity in this craft.

A great amount of time and thought process goes into the little decorative pieces made by the artisans. Moreover, there is a great possibility to satiate the aesthetic urge of the people associated with woodcraft hence they do it with immense dedication and honesty.

The Jammu region has been famous for the woodcraft for making pirhis, flower vases, candle stands, lacquered wooden items, toys, rolling pins etc. of various shapes and sizes. Besides, the Rajouri district of Jammu region is quite popular for a different kind of soft wood known as Chikri which is used by the artisans to show their fine craftsmanship. The images given in the article shows the 19th century decorative round boxes, paper Mache objects, table etc. prepared by the artisans.

Woodcraft was prevalent in Jammu region as well as Dogras had a flair for keeping the wooden figures of gods in the temples for worshiping purposes. Apart from that, heavy, carved doors, bed-boards, ceiling panels were quite famous among Dogras. The woodcraft gives a great account of the subsistence lifestyles of the community and an idea about the sense of recreationalism.


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