LMD launches drive in view of Lohri Festival

SAMBA: A team of the officers of Legal Metrology Department headed by Ajay Kumar Verma, Assistant Controller Legal Metrology Samba and Comprising Inspector Mohsin Khateeb and other staff members conducted extensive checking of various business establishments at samba, Vijaypur, Sarore, Bari Brahmana and adjoining areas.

More than 40 traders dealing with Peanuts Gachak, Patasa and dry fruits including Provisional stores, Karyana shops, General stores, Sweet Shops, were inspected for their Compliance with regards to various provisions of J&K Standard of weights and Measures Enforcement Act 2011(Amended) and Legal Metrology packages Commodities rules 2011.

During checkin, 6 challans were booked against different traders for violations of various provisions of J&K Weights & Measures Enforcement Act 2011(amended), Legal Metrology Packages Commodities Rules 2011 and other prevailing Legal Metrology Laws and Rules. Among others, the Department also booked one establishment for sale and possession of Shri Govind Agmark Desi Ghee at Baribrahmna without mandatory declarations as required under Legal Metrology Packages Commodities Rules 2011.

The notices were issued to the booked traders for attending the office of the Assistant Controller Legal Metrology Samba for further Legal proceedings.


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